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Trailing Fuchsia Varieties


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ALICE KENNEDY Double Sepals Pink Corolla. Lavender with Pink Streaks
APPLAUSE Double Sepals Coral Pink. Corolla Coral Pink Large Full blooms
BEAUTY OF HEATHCOATE Single Sepals White Corolla Pink. Small flowers
BEE KEESEY Double Sepals White Corolla Purple Large blooms
BICENTENIAL Double Sepals Salmon Corolla Orange with Magenta
BLUE EYES Double Sepals Rose-Red Corolla Mauve
BLUE RIBBON Double Sepals Pink Corolla White Streaked Pink Sepals cling to Corolla
BLUE SATIN Double Sepals White turning Pink Corolla Bluish-Purple
BLUEBERRY FIZZ Double Sepals White Corolla Shades of blue, purple and pink
BLUSH OF DAWN Double Sepals Pale Pink Corolla Pale Lavender Dark pink long stamens
BROOKWOOD JOY Double Sepals White tipped Green Corolla Hyacinth-Blue & Pink
CALEDONIA Single Single Sepals Rose-Red Corolla Rose-Red Tiny flowers, red veined foliage
CECILE Double Double Sepals Rose  Corolla lavender/blue
CELEBRATION Double Sepals pale orange. Corolla marbled shades of orange
CLOTH OF GOLD Single Sepals Pink Corolla Purple Gold-Green foliage, red edged
DAINTY EARRINGS Single Single  Sepals red. Corolla purple 
DARK EYES Double Sepals Red Corolla Purple
DEEP PURPLE Double Sepals White Corolla Dark Purple Large blooms
DOLLAR PRINCESS Double Double Sepals Red Corolla Purple Heavy bloomer
DRAMA GIRL Double Sepals Pale Pink Corolla Blue with Pink Marbling
DUSKY BLUE Double Sepals Pink Corolla Violet Streaked Pink
FLUFFY RUFFLES Double Sepals Light Red Corolla White
GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Double Sepals White tinged pink Corolla Purple streaked Pink Apple green foliage
GOLDEN GIRL Single Sepals Light Pink Corolla Violet-Purple Natural Trailer
HARRY GREY Double Sepals White with dark pink at tube. Corolla white
HERMEINA Single Sepals White. Corolla Blood Red to dark purple-magenta. Small Blooms, prolific bloomer    
INDIAN MAID Semi-Double Sepals Red Corolla Dark Purple Large, plentiful blooms
JACK SHAHAN Single Sepals Rose-Pink Corolla  Sepals Rose-Pink
JERRY COPLEY Double Sepals Red Corolla Very Light Pink, red veins
JOE KUSBER Double Sepals White Corolla Dark Purple Large blooms
JULIE HORTON Double Sepals Pink tipped Green Corolla Pink Makes a lovely trailing basket
KING OF SIAM Single Sepals Red, curling  Corolla Red tinged purple Long growing plant
LADY PATRICIA MONTBATTEN Single Sepals Light pink. Corolla Lavender. Apple green foliage
LA CAMPANULA Semi-Double Sepals White Corolla Purple Small blooms, small foliage
LENA Double Sepals Pink Corolla Purple and Magenta Will take more sun
LISA Double Sepals Pink Corolla Lavender Large perfect blooms
MARCUS GRAHAM Double Sepals Light Peach Corolla Pinkish-Peach Large very full blossom
MARINKA Single Sepals Wine-Red Corolla Wine-Red Hummingbird favorite
ORANGE QUEEN Single Sepals White Corolla Dark Orange Long Waxy Tube
PAINTED DESERT Double Sepals Rose Corolla Violet marbled Rose Does not get real long
PERSONALITY Double Sepals Red Corolla Purple-Burgundy Large Blooms
PINK GALORE Double Sepals Pink Corolla Pink Bronzy foliage, Heat tolerant
PINK MARSHMALLOW Double Sepals White Corolla White tinged Pink Large bloom, light colored foliage
PINK RAIN Single Sepals Pink Corolla Pink Hundreds of tiny blooms
PRINCESSITA Single Sepals White Corolla Deep Rose Lots of blooms 
QUASAR Double Sepals White Corolla Lavender Large blooms
QUEEN ELIZABETH Single Sepals Red Corolla Red-Purple Natural trailer, Hummingbird favorite
ROYAL AIR FORCE Double Sepals Dark Rose Corolla Pink streaked rose Bushy plant, heavy bloomer  
ROESSEE BLACKY Double Sepals Light Aubergine. Corolla very dark aubergine, large blooms
ROUGH SILK Single Sepals Pale Pink Corolla Magenta
SAN DIEGO Double Sepals White Corolla Dark Rose Large ruffley blooms
SILVER QUEEN Semi-Double Sepals Pink Corolla Lavender Heavy bloomer
SNOWY SUMMIT Double Sepals White Corolla White Large blooms, long trailing
SWINGTIME Double Sepals Red Corolla White
TINKERBELL Single Sepals White edged pink Corolla White edged dark pink Lots of blooms
TRAILBLAZER Double Sepals Red Corolla Red
Sepals Pink Corolla Magenta   
WAVENEY GEM Single Sepals white. Corolla magenta
WELSH DRAGON Double Sepals Dark Pink  Corolla hot pink