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ADA  PERRY Double trailing. Not too good of a picture. The corolla is usually fuller and darker red. Plant will be more wide that long. Good in a large wall box. AMY MARIE Double trailing. She is a sport from the Dark Eyes clan. Nice dark foliage.

ALICE KENNEDY Double trailing. Named for a beautiful lady the fuchsia world misses. Makes a nice basket ANGELS DREAM Double trailing. Very beautiful long trailing bushy basket. Likes longer days to set flower buds

AMBER ROSE Semi-double trailing. The plant trails very nice, will make a perfect small basket. Small blossoms. ANNA OF LOCKLEAT Single trailing  A natural trailer with lots of blooms. Pretty by itself or in a combination planting.

AMERICA Single trailing. Makes a long trailing basket. I like it because of the color and long tube. APPLAUSE Double basket. Requires some coaxing to trail. Blooms a little late. But like a good date, worth the wait.

ANTONETTA  Single trailing or bush. The flowers are very small and prolific. Foliage is small.

ARCHIE OWEN Double trailing. Color is actually lighter that shown. Makes a big long trailing basket.


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