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AUNTIE JINKS Single Trailing. The foliage is very dense and bushy. Blooms late, but the basket is even beautiful without the blooms. BEE KEESEY Double trailing. Large blooms. The foliage is a dark green. Blooms well and trails well. I like it
AUTUMNAL Single Trailing. Named for it's beautiful autumn foliage. Does need extra pinching. Works well in combination containers where other plants will fill in the gaps. BALKON  Single trailing. This one is easy to train to different forms. ie a ring  Needs extra pinching for a full basket. This one would be good in a combination basket.

BELLA ROSELLA Double trailing. Makes a large basket. Blooms a little later, but not too much later. Very large blooms.

BALKONIGAN  Single  Prolific bloomer.  I like to use it in a basket with lobelia. The hummingbirds seem to like it too. BELLE OF SALEM Single trailing. The basket gets covered with these little ballerinas. Love it.
BARBARA HANSON H2 Double Trailing. Sepals Dark Pink. Corolla violet marbled with pink. Height 2.5'

  BILLY Single trailing or lax pot plant. Sepals Pink  Corolla Violet. Very prolilfic bloomer

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