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BLACK PRINCE Single trailing or upright. Sepals red. Corolla a very dark purple. BLUE ELF Semi-Double Trailing. Makes a very full bushy basket. Blooms are small to medium size. Heavy bloomer

BLOWICK Single trailing. Sepals White. Corolla Magenta Pink. A Prolific Bloomer.

BICENTENNIAL Double trailing. Very colorful, striking plant. Pinch to keep it blooming
BLUEBERRY FIZZ  Double Trailing. This is a great new variety, dark green foliage and lots of blooms. BLUSH O DAWN Double trailing. Will make a well filled out basket. It is not as delicate as it looks and keeps right on blooming.

BLUE EYES Double trailing. Makes a full basket with lots of blooms. It is a sport of DARK EYES BONANZA Double trailing. The blooms are big and very beautiful. Tends to grow upright until it starts to blooms.

BLUE PINWHEEL Single trailing. The growth is wiry with bronze-green foliage.  BOUFFANT Double trailing. Makes a large bushy basket that has a well behaved habit.

BLUE RIBBON Double trailing. Makes a well behaved basket. The sepals cling to the corolla. BROOKWOOD JOY Double trailing. Large blooms, makes a full basket,. Does not grow very long.

BLUE SATIN Double trailing. Beautiful shades of blue-purple. Makes a beautiful basket. BREVIS KHARMA Double trailing. Sepals dark pink. Corolla is shades of aubergine. Will make a big basket. Needs extra pinching.

BUGLE BOY Single trailing. Tube and sepals are a light orange. Corolla Orange. Very bushy plant; bit more sun. Will also grow as a pot plant. BLOWICK Single hanging basket type. Sepals white. Corolla bright magenta. Very bushy with lots of blooms.

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