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BLACK PRINCE Single trailing or upright. Sepals red. Corolla a very dark purple. BLUE ELF Semi-Double Trailing. Makes a very full bushy basket. Blooms are small to medium size. Heavy bloomer

BLOWICK Single trailing. Sepals White. Corolla Magenta Pink. A Prolific Bloomer.

BICENTENNIAL Double trailing. Very colorful, striking plant. Pinch to keep it blooming
BLUEBERRY FIZZ  Double Trailing. This is a great new variety, dark green foliage and lots of blooms. BLUSH O DAWN Double trailing. Will make a well filled out basket. It is not as delicate as it looks and keeps right on blooming.

BLUE EYES Double trailing. Makes a full basket with lots of blooms. It is a sport of DARK EYES BONANZA Double trailing. The blooms are big and very beautiful. Tends to grow upright until it starts to blooms.

BOUFFANT Double trailing. Makes a large bushy basket that has a well behaved habit.

BROOKWOOD JOY Double trailing. Large blooms, makes a full basket,. Does not grow very long.

BLUE SATIN Double trailing. Beautiful shades of blue-purple. Makes a beautiful basket. BREVIS KHARMA Double trailing. Sepals dark pink. Corolla is shades of aubergine. Will make a big basket. Needs extra pinching.

BUGLE BOY Single trailing. Tube and sepals are a light orange. Corolla Orange. Very bushy plant; bit more sun. Will also grow as a pot plant.

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