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BILLY  Single trailing or bush. Sepals pink. Corolla violet. Self branching; a prolific bloomer.


CHINA LANTERN Single trailing. Sepals white with green tips. Corolla Rosy-pink

CALEDONIA Single Trailing. Lots of tiny blooms. Makes a large basket. Hummingbirds like this one. CLAUDIA Double Trailing. Pale Pink

CARA MIA Semi-double trailing. A rather stiff grower. Serrated bronze-green foliage. CIRCUS SPANGLES Double trailing. The branches are long and very trailing. Give it extra pinching.

CASCADE Single Trailing. The original with long trailing branches. Makes a well rounded basket Blooms well. CLAIRE DE LUNE Single trailing. Has very big foliage with a bronze tint. Suitable to a large wall box or big basket

CECILE  Double trailing. Sepals pink. Corolla lavender. The color and form is very nice. CLOTH OF GOLD Single trailing. Very full with autumn colored foliage. Will also grow upright

CELEBRATION Double trailing. The foliage is variegated.. It is bushy and full. Looks good in a combination planter also COLUMBIA SPORT Single Trailing. Sepals white to very pale salmon. Corolla Salmon. Long natural trailing plant.
CHICKEN HOUSE Double Trailing  Sepals Red   Corolla Purple with red streaks

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