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CRACKERJACK Semi-double trailing.  Nice trailer. The foliage is a grey green. DEBRON'S MADISON MAE Double trailing. Sepals Light Pink. Corolla peach pink.

CURTAIN CALL Double trailing. This makes a lovely graceful basket with long trailing branches. Large blooms DEBRON'S PARTY GIRLS Single Trailing or Upright. Sepals are light pink. Corolla purple with pink blotches.

DAINTY EARRINGS Single trailing. Small foliage and small blooms. A very prolific bloomer DEBRON'S TONI NICHOLE  Double Trailing. A beautiful full baskets with beautiful pastel colors.
DAISY BELL Single Basket. This makes a very large basket that is more wide than long. The blooms are very small and lots of them. DEBRON'S WHITE LINEN  Double Trailing. Makes a large long hanging basket. The blooms are all white.

DANCING FLAME Semi-double trailing. If well pinched, this makes a real eye-catching basket. Dark green foliage.

DARK EYES Double trailing. Can't beat it for a full basket with lots of blooms. DEEP PURPLE Double trailing. The picture says it all. Spectacular! Large blooms.

DAWN HAZE Large bloom double trailing. Sepals light pink. Corolla Orchid Pink DISPLAY Single trailing. This is an upright, but with a little torture will make a basket. More wide than long.

DEBRON'S BLACKBERRY JELI Double trailing. Makes a smaller basket with loads of blooms DOLLAR PRINCESS Double trailing. This will make a very large baskets. Profuse bloomer. Makes a good pot plant

DEBRON'S CHESTER BRIDGES Double Trailing. Sepals are white. Corolla is shades of peach & corals.


DEBRON'S BUTTERED POPCORN  Double trailing. Sepals are palest pink. Foliage is light green.


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