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DRAMA GIRL  Double Trailing Sepals are Very Light Pink. Corolla is pink and lavenders/ FIRE OPAL Single trailing. Wiry branches but very bushy. Blooms profusely.

DUSKY BLUE Double trailing. A large bloom. Makes a nice full basket that trails beautifully. FALLING STARS Single trailing. Sepals pale scarlet. Corolla turkey red with orange cast.

EMMA LOUISE Double trailing. Small to medium blooms. Self branching. Not a long trailer. Nice in a wall box FIRST LOVE Semi-double trailing. Grows long. It should be put in mostly shade.

ENCHANTED Double trailing. Makes a big full basket. Good bloomer FLUFFY RUFFLES Double trailing. A nice red and white that grows in a civilized manner.

ERNESTINE Double trailing.  Will make a good wall box; and in a combination pot.  Stiff trailer. FLYING SAUCER Single trailing. Wiry branches but bushy. Heavy bloomer.

ELFRIED OTT Single trailing. Sepals and tube Coral Pink. Corolla Coral Pink. This one is a triphylla type FOXY LADY Double trailing. Sepals light pink. Corolla bright pink. Makes a large baskets with beautiful large blooms.

ERUPTION Single trailing Triphylla type. This fuchsia is new to me. The pictures are mind blowing

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