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KING OF SIAM Semi-double trailing. Very long trailing. The hummingbirds like this one. LADY PATRICIA MONTBATTEN Semi-double trailing. This has beautiful blossoms and apple green foliage. Natural trailer

KIT OXTOBY  Double trailing. Sepals White Corolla Pink with white streaks LENA Semi-double trailing. Heat tolerant. Blooms are a little smaller, but lots of them.

LA CAMPANULA Double trailing. Small blooms and small foliage. It will make a fairly large basket. LEVERKUSEN  Single trailing. A triphylla type that will take the sun. Also makes a pretty ground cover in the sun

LA NIEGE Double trailing. Sepals white Corolla white LEONHARD VON FUCHS  This variety has been difficult for me to grow on. Does fine in the summer but struggles in the winter greenhouse

LADY BETH Double trailing. Makes a big basket. Large bloom that has a silvery sheen to it. LISA Double trailing. The most perfect double. Heat tolerant and a good bloomer.

LAURA Double trailing. Has grey-green foliage. A very bushy plant. LOVE SONG  Double trailing. Give extra pinching. The blooms are large.

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