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LUCINDA Semi-double trailing. A pretty basket that doesn't grow very long. Profuse bloomer MARCUS GRAHAM Double trailing. Plants are stiff but the large bloom will make it trail. Blooms a little later.

MACHU PICHU Single upright, but can easily be trained to basket. Makes a large basket. MARINKA Single trailing. Makes a very large basket. Keep out of sun or the foliage will turn quite bronze. The hummingbirds favorite.  A very heavy bloomer.

MARY ELLEN GUFFY Double trailing  Sepals pink. Corolla White. Has large flowers. Needs extra pinching to become full

MANCUNIAN Double trailing. Makes a big long trailing basket. Good bloomer. MISS CALIFORNIA Single trailing. I never know where to put this one in the trailing or uprights. It is bushy and a good bloomer.



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