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LUCINDA Semi-double trailing. A pretty basket that doesn't grow very long. Profuse bloomer MARCUS GRAHAM Double trailing. Plants are stiff but the large bloom will make it trail. Blooms a little later.

MACHU PICHU Single upright, but can easily be trained to basket. Makes a large basket. MARINKA Single trailing. Makes a very large basket. Keep out of sun or the foliage will turn quite bronze. The hummingbirds favorite.  A very heavy bloomer.

MAMA BLEUSS Double trailing. Very bushy full basket. Blooms late. The foliage has red veining. MARY ELLEN GUFFY Double trailing  Sepals pink. Corolla White. Has large flowers. Needs extra pinching to become full

MANCUNIAN Double trailing. Makes a big long trailing basket. Good bloomer. MISS CALIFORNIA Single trailing. I never know where to put this one in the trailing or uprights. It is bushy and a good bloomer.

MANTILLA Single trailing. A triphylla type that will take more sun. Profuse bloomer. MISSION BELLS Large single trailing. Makes a beautiful basket. Will also grow upright with support.

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