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MISTY PINK Double trailing. A neat tidy plant. It blooms very well. ORANGE QUEEN Single trailing. Makes a large basket. It needs lots of water. Good bloomer.

MOOD INDIGO Double trailing. Sepals are white with pink. Corolla shades of purple with dark pink. Makes a large basket. Blooms are small. OREGON Single trailing. A natural trailer. The blooms beautifully surround the basket.

MOONGLO  Double Trailing. Sepals Pale Pink. Corolla white with pale pink OVATION Double trailing. This is a beautiful variety. Dark green shiny leaves. Large blooms.
PAINTED DESERT Double trailing. Not a long trailer, but very bushy and blooms heavily.

MULTA Semi-Double trailing. Sepals red. Corolla light purple. Small blooms on small foliage. Natural trailer PERSONALITY Double trailing. Sepals red. Plants grow very large and bushy, more wide than long. Large blooms




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