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PEPPERMINT CANDY Double trailing. Long trailing. Needs lots of pinching.

PINCH ME Double trailing. Makes a full basket Grey-green foliage. PINK RAIN Single trailing. You have to see this one to believe it.  Hundreds of very small blooms.
POPSIE GIRL Single trailing. This one is new to me. The variegated foliage and pink colors are very beautiful

PINK GALORE Double trailing. This variety is heat tolerant. Long trailing bronzy foliage.
PINK LACAMPANAULA Single trailing. Perky blooms that just keep coming. PURPLE SAGE. Single trailing. Wiry growth but very full. Profuse bloomer.

PINK MARSHMALLOW Double trailing. Grows very large. Needs lots of water. Give it a shady location. QUASAR Double trailing. Sepals white. This is a beautiful basket. Very large blooms.

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