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QUEEN ELIZABETH Single trailing. A true trailer. Hummingbirds love this one. Profuse bloomer.  Long corolla. ROESSEE BLACKY Double traililng.  It is one of the most beautiful aubergines in our collection.

R.A.F. (ROYAL AIR FORCE) Double trailing. A shorter grower. It seems to pinch itself. Very bushy, profuse bloomer. ROSALIE ROUNY Single trailing. A nice neat basket that blooms really well.
RAINBOW Double trailing or lax upright. Sepals bright pink. Corolla fluorescent pinks and purples. Makes a nice wall box. ROSEWITHA Single trailing or upright Sepals light Pink. Corolla pink Beautiful foliage

RANDY Single trailing. This is a little sweetie. Small foliage and small blooms. ROUGH SILK Single trailing. Large arching branches. The bloom is large.

RATATOUILLE Double trailing. The blooms are on the smaller side of medium size. Blooms well, rich color. ROYAL MOSAIC Double trailing. Sepals Pink. Corolla purple with pink marbling.  Blooms are large

RED SHADOWS Double trailing. Makes a big basket more wide than long SALMON BUTTERFLY Single trailing. Long trailing branches. Corolla petals turn out.

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