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SALMON CASCADE Single Trailing. Sepals light Salmon. Corolla salmon. Makes a long Trailing Basket. SHEBA  Double trailing. Sepals Light Pink. Corolla light pinks and lavenders. Sport of Blueberry Fizz
  SIR MATT BUSBY Semi-double trailing. A natural trailer. Blooms prolifically

SCARLET O’HARA Double trailing. Makes a large basket. One of the few double reds. SILVER QUEEN Semi-double trailing. A smaller basket that has lots and lots of blooms.

SEATTLE BLUE Large double trailing. Sepals white. Corolla violet-blue. Makes a large beautiful basket SNOWBURNER Double Trailing. Sepals Red. Corolla white with red streaks.

SEVENTH HEAVEN  Double trailing. Makes a very large baskets. Blooms are big SNOWY SUMMIT Double trailing. The plant is much like PINK MARSHMALLOW, but the large blooms are whiter.

SHELLY LYNN Double trailing. An old variety that makes a nice full basket  

SHERYL ANN Double trailing. Makes a large basket that is a good bloomer. Large beautiful blooms.. SOPHISTICATED LADY Double trailing.  Makes a very full basket with lots of blooms. My favorite pink and white.

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