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SOUTHGATE Double trailing. Medium size blooms. Grows a little wild until the blooms start. The foliage is grey-green. TAFFETA BOW Double trailing. The largest growing variety I have. Will need lots of water. Very large blooms.

STANLEY CASH Double trailing. Makes a beautiful basket. Shiny dark green foliage. Large blooms. TANTILIZING TRACY Double Trailing.  Beautiful coral blooms.

STREAMLINER Single trailing. A natural long trailer with large dripping type bloom. TENNESSEE WALTZ Semi-double trailing. A very bushy basket. Medium size blooms. Heavy bloomer
SUSIE OLCESE Double trailing. Makes a bushy basket. Soft pretty blooms  

SUZY Double trailing. The foliage is a bit stiff. The very large blooms will make it trail or make it trail with weights on the ends. THE BOYS Double trailing. This is our featured variety for 2005. A natural trailer, beautiful aubergine

SWINGTIME Double trailing. The standard red and white. Can grow a little wild, but the weight of blooms will tame it.  


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