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GLOBOSA  H3 Sepals Red. Corolla Purple. Has pretty dark green foliage GOLDEN GYPSY  H2  Single Upright. Sepals Light Pink to White. Corolla Violet
GOLDEN HERALD H3 Single upright. Sepals scarlet. Corolla deep purple. Pretty apple green foliage Heighgt 2.5' GRANDMA SINTON H2 Double upright. Sepals white with red near tube. Corolla shell pink. Height 1.5'
GORDON'S CHINA ROSE H2 Double upright. Sepals dark pink. Corolla pink . Height 2' GROENE KANS GLORIE H2 Single upright. Sepals orange-salmon. Corolla orange. Height 2' A real standout in the garden
GRAF SPEE H2 Double Upright. Sepals white. Corolla pinkish purple. Large blooms GRUMPY H3 Single Upright. Sepals deep pink. Corolla light purple Height  1'
GREENPEACE H2 Single upright. Sepals Green. Sepals ivory to soft pink. Height 2' HAWKSHEAD H3 Single upright. Sepals white. Corolla nearly white. Makes a large plant with lots of blooms. Height 2'
GRAY RIGG H3 Single upright. Sepals Pale Pink. Corolla Pale Lavender. Tiny blooms HARBOUR Lites H2 Single bushy upright. Sepals aubergine. Corolla white. Named for the  harbour in Sidney, Australia


GRACE MCCARTHY H2 Double Upright. Sepals White. Corolla Lavender. Large blossoms HEIDI ANN H2 Double Upright. Sepals dark pink. Corolla Lavender. A nice bushy plant Height 2'

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