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OCEAN MIST H2 Single upright. Sepals white. Corolla white.  Encliandra  Height 1' PAMELA H2 Single upright. Sepals white. Corolla rose-lilac. A standout in the garden. Height 2.5'
OLE'  H2 Double Upright. Sepals are red. Corolla darker red. Height about 3-4 feet. PAPOOSE H3 Single lax upright.  Sepals red. Corolla purple. It is easy to train for a bonsaii Height 1' 
ORTENBERGER FESTIVAL H3 Single upright  Sepals Red. Corolla Purple 3' or more PARTY FROCK  H2 Double Upright. Sepals are pink and curve up. Corolla is shades of lavender with pink streaks. 2'

PANIQUE H2 Single. Sepals and corolla are salmon. Prolific blooms on a stiff plant. Height 2' PAT'S DREAM  H3 Single upright. Sepals rose. Corolla violet.  Height 2.5'
OTHERFELLOW H2 Single upright. Sepals waxy white. Corolla coral-pink.  Height 2.5' PAULA JANE H2 Semi-double. Sepals pink. Corolla beetroot changing to ruby.  It is nice in a wall box. Use weights to make it trail. 
PALOMA H2 Single upright. Sepals pink. Corolla light pink. A good bloomer, very pretty colors. Height 2'

PEACHES & CREAM H2 A vigorous encliandra type. Cute little peach colored flowers. Height 1'


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