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PHYLLIS H3 Semi-double upright.  Sepals waxy rose. Corolla rosy-cerise.  Height 3' PRESIDENT BOUILLMEIR H2 Single upright. Sepals white with pink. Corolla Bright Violet.  Height 1.5'
PINK JADE H2 Single upright. Blooms heavily on a very bushy plant. PRESTON GUILD H2 Single upright. Sepals white. Corolla purple. Height 2'

PIXIE H3 Single upright. Sepals carmine. Corolla mauve. This hardy variety is self-branching and bushy. PRESIDENT H2 Semi-Double upright. Sepals Light red. Corolla Red

PINK FANTASIA H2 Sepals rose-pink. Corolla bright magenta with rose-pink.  Height 2' PUPUR KLOJKE H2 Single upright  Makes a nice plant with lots of beautiful aubergine blooms

PINK PEARL H2 Double upright. Sepals pale pink. Corolla deep rose.  Height 2.5' PUTT'S FOLLY H2 Single upright  Sepals light pink. Corolla pink. Will also trail with weights

PINTO DE BLUE H2 Double upright. Sepals white. Corolla dark purple.  Height 2' QUEEN ESTER H2 Single Upright. Sepals white. Corolla dark violet-rose. Height 2'
PLUM GLORY  H2 Double upright. Sepals dark pink. Corolla plum-purple.  Height 2.5'  

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