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SUNDAIL H2 Double Upright. Floriferous blooms. Will probably need staking. Also does well in a wall box. Height 1.5'

TESSIE H3 Single upright. Sepals light pink. Bushy floriferous plant Corolla magenta. Height 2'  
SUNGLO  H2 Single upright. Sepals pink. Corolla violet. Height 1.5' THAMAR H2 Single upright Sepals white. Corolla pink with white center. Blooms are cup like facing out and up. Height 1.5'
SUIKERBOSSE H2/3 Single upright. Sepals light pink. Corolla Violet. A prolific bloomer Height 1.5' THILCO H3 Single upright. Sepals pink. Corolla purple. A prolific bloomer. Height 2'
SUNSHINE H2/3 Single upright. Sepals salmon pink. Corolla salmon pink. A prolific bloomer Height 2' TOLLING BELLS H2 Single Upright Sepals Red. Corolla White. One of my favorites
SUSAN TRAVIS H2 Single Upright. Sepals light pink. Corolla pink.  A pretty flowering bush. Height 1.5' TOM THUMB H2 Single upright. Sepals red. Corolla purple. Height 1.5'
SWANLEY GEM H2 Single Upright . Sepals Pink. Corolla Violet. Flowers resemble dancing ballerinas Thompsonii H3 Single Upright. This is a nice little bush that grows only about 3 feet.
SYLVIA BARKER H2 Single upright. Sepals White and curving up. Corolla Orange. Height 3' TORVILLE & DEAN H2 Double upright. Sepals pale cerise. Corolla white. Height 2'
TANGARINE H2 Single upright. Sepals salmon green tips. Corolla orange.  Height 2.5' VELVET CRUSH H2 Double  Tube and Sepals light Pink. Corolla dark Aubergine


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