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TWINNY H2 Single upright. A very bushy plant with up facing blooms. Heavy bloomer. Easily trained for a wall box. Height 1.5'

WACONDA QUEEN H2/3 Double Sepals Red. Corolla violet-purple with red streaks.

USA H2 Single upright. Sepals pink. Corolla purple.  Height 2.5' VOODOO H2 Double upright. Sepals red. Corolla deep purple.  Height 2.5'
VARIEGATED PROCUMBENS H3 Single. Yellow and purple with green. Grows like a ground cover Height 6". WALZ JUBELTEEN  H2 Single upright. Sepals pale pink. Corolla light coral.
VIOLA H2 Single upright. Sepals pink. Corolla blue. Height 2 WALDIS OVAMBO H2 Double Sepals light aubergine. Corolla dark aubergine. Foliage is attractive. Can also be used in a basket
VIOLETTA Single Upright. Sepals White. Corolla Violet and White. A very bushy plant with lots of blooms WALDIS GIESHA H2 Single upright. The plant has very nice growth habits and covers itself with blooms.
VINEGAR JOE  H2  Single Upright. Sepals Light Pink. Corolla Dark Pink WALZ LUCIFER H2 Single upright. Sepals a light coral. Corolla orange.
VIVIEN LEE H2 Single upright. Sepals pink. Corolla pink. This is an old time favorite. WATERWAYS H2 Doule upright. Sepals White. Corolla purple. It can also be made to trail. Height 3'  I am unsure of the name, I have called it Waterfalls also???

VOLTAIRE H3 Single  Sepals scarlet. Corolla magenta. Will grow in full sun Height 3' to 4'

WATUSI  H2 Single upright. Sepals are  light pink. Corolla is Orchid Pink Very floriferous

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