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Fuchsias Fuchsia         

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 Fuchsia Baskets, are priced at $25.00 for a 10 inch Plastic Basket Fuchsia Combination are $26.50 and Fuchsia/Bacopa Basket. $26.00

Extra Large Sun Combination Baskets $28.00. Large Sun Combination Baskets $25.00   Smaller Sun Baskets $14.00 Sold Out

Hanging Begonia Baskets  $35.00

Fuchsia starts are priced at 1.00 for the 2 1/2" pot. We have around  500 varieties, both hanging basket varieties and hardy upright varieties.

4" Tuberous Begonias $2.50

We have lots of misc. bedding type plants and baskets stuffers. $1.00 for the 2 1/2" pots $2.00 for the 4" pots

Extra Large Patio Pots $40.00, Large Patio Pots $28.00 and Small Patio Pots $14.00

The Greenhouse is open March 15th to the End of June--10:00am to 6:00pm everyday.  Mail-Order is open year around

The fuchsia pictures are at the greenhouse too!

Earthworks Fuchsias

18034 S.E. 248th Covington Wa.98042


Pictures of the greenhouse