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Fuchsias can be made to go dormant and stored to bloom the following year. However it can be tricky.

Those that are planted out in the ground should be trimmed to about 6 inches in height and mulched to the top with straw, bark or soil. Along about April pull back the mulch and be patient. When you see signs of sprouting, lightly feed them with a half strength solution.

Fuchsias in baskets also need to be trimmed back and the top of the soil cleaned up and watered, then put in a location that is cool but won't freeze; a garage, basement, or storage shed. They will need to be watered about every 3 weeks throughout the winter. Depending on the weather, they can be brought out and hung up in April, but snatch them back in if the weather turns freezing for a couple days. Lightly fertilize when the new shoots start to show.