Streptocarpella saxorum


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Streptocarpella saxorum 'Concord Blue' (False African Violet) - 2.5" rooted pot

Has cute, velvety, deep-green leaves and dainty flowers that hang from long stems and almost look like a cloud of butterflies flocking around the plant.
Belonging to the Gesneariad family, and as an African Violet relative, it is often referred to as false African Violet. The growing conditions are almost the same as for African Violets. It originates from Tanzania and Kenya. It is a tropical plant and is pretty frost sensitive. This plant grows to about 12 inches in height and makes a wonderful hanging basket plant. Once it reaches a decent size, this plant is everblooming.

Watering Needs:
Streptocarpella likes to dry out a bit between watering and likes to be occasionally soaked. Place in sink and water from the bottom, being careful not to get the leaves wet, they will turn brown if they get wet. Be careful of over-watering. The plant has juicy stems that tend to easily rot if the soil is soggy. If your plant is young and tiny, you can be more generous with watering, but a well established plant benefits from having its soil dry up between watering, especially in the winter months.

Bright, indirect light is perfect for this plant. It likes part shade to shade. A large, unobstructed north facing window, or an east/west window will be ideal for this plant. Direct mid-day light will burn the leaves.

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