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JACK SIEVERNS  H2 Single upright. A nice bushy plant, grows about 2.5 feet JOY PATMORE H2 Single upright. Sepals white. Corolla dark pink. The growth is more open than bushy. Height 2'

JENNY SORENSEN  H2 Single upright. Blooms early and prolifically. Nice bushy plant. Height 2' JUNE BRIDE H2/3 Single upright. Sepals rose. Corolla rose. Identical to Display.  Height 2.5'

JINGLE BELLS H3 Double upright. Sepals red. Corolla white. Smallish blooms. Height 1.5' KATY JAMES H2 Single upright Sepals pink Corolla bright violet. Makes a beautiful wall box. Covered with flowers all season. Height 1.5'

JIM MUNCASTER  H2 Single Upright. Sepals Pink. Corolla Aubergine. A nice well blooming shrub. KAREN ISLES H2 Single encliandra type. Sepals and corolla dark pink. Bronzy foliage; good bloomer

JIM FAIRCLO H2 Double Upright Seapal Coral. Corolla Bright pink with coral shades. Height 3-4' KATJAN  H3 Single upright.  This is a darling little red self. Very prolific bloomer. Height 2'


JOAN COOPER  H3 Single upright.  Sepals pale rose. Corolla cherry red. It is very hardy  Height 2.5'  

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