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WALDIS OVAMBO Double trailing  Sepals light aubergine. Corolla dark aubergine makes a beautiful basket WHITE LINEN Double trailing. Sepals white. Corolla white. A DEBRON HYBRID

WALZ GIGOLO Double trailing. Sepals Red. Corolla Burgundy. Makes a large patio pot or in the ground WILLIE TAMERUS Single trailing. Makes a fairly large trailing basket. A prolific bloomer

WALZ HARP Single trailing. Sepal Salmon. Corolla Orange. Makes a large basket

WINDHAPPER Single trailing. Sepals white with green tips. Corolla Pink/Burgundy

WALZ WAARDIN  Single trailing. Sepals light pink. Corolla pink  Large bell shaped blossoms ZEIGFELD GIRL Double trailing. Makes a smaller basket that trails really nice.  Heat tolerant.

WELSH DRAGON Double trailing or lax upright. Very showy bright blossoms ZULU KING Single Trailing. Makes a very long trailing basket.

WHITE EYES Double trailing. This is a sport of DARK EYES. Nice dark green bushy growth.  

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